Monday Musings: Life Lessons #9: Make Space

... and the rest of the 42 life lessons that I was supposed to write about once a week after I had turned 51. Well, in a couple of weeks I will be 53 and most of my life lesson ideas are hiding out in a Google document. So instead of torturing myself and dragging... Continue Reading →


Tuesday Thoughts and Life Lessons #8: Short and Sweet

Or in other words, relax and enjoy yourself while you can. With the risk of sounding like an old broken tape recorder, I had decided to be very efficient on my last days of Holiday. Really? Have I not learned yet? My to do list filled up half a sheet of a paper and I... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings Life Lessons #7: Stop Brewing, start Chewing

Has nothing to do with coffee or chewing gum but everything to do with me being very good at brewing, thinking, pondering and analyzing. But when it comes to deciding and executing I tend to procrastinate and prefer a solid plan rather than acting on sheer impulse. Which makes life both slightly boring and also... Continue Reading →


Monday Musings Life lessons #6: “If you want it – make space for it”

Is a title I have shamelessly borrowed from Ruth Ridgeway's blog post with the exact same name (thank you Ruth xoxo). Ruth' s writings are worth reading, so take a small break and have a look. The thing is that making space for what I want,  is precisely what I have NOT been doing and... Continue Reading →


Monday Musings Life Lesson 5# – The Evil Twins …

... and their Not So Nice Cousin will probably haunt you in one way or another throughout your life. Some lucky bastards (sorry for the swearing) will be able to sail through life without these three pestering their journey. But for the rest of us mere mortals it will be a life long struggle. I... Continue Reading →


Monday goes Tuesday – When life hands you lemons

make lemonade, is an expression that always have irritated me. Something about that preppy upbeat tone have been ringing falsely in my ears for a long time. Even if I actually never have heard anyone say this line, only seen it in writing. This is quite a lot coming from a born optimist that has... Continue Reading →


Monday Musings and Life Lesson #3 – The importance of sofa time…

... cannot be emphasized enough. And sure, we all know how dangerous it is to sit too much, so I am not only talking literally about sloughing on the sofa doing nothing, even if that is important as well. Especially for those with a constant need to prove themselves and lacking the ability to slow... Continue Reading →


Monday Musings – Do not burn the candle in both ends

was one of the solid advice my Dad gave me a long time ago when he could clearly see that his youngest daughter was not able to handle everything she had crammed on her plate. He did not preach or give me instructions or a five step plan. No pointing fingers. Just an opportunity to... Continue Reading →


Monday Musings – 51 lessons in 51 years

Since challenges seem to be so popular I will grab the bull by the horn and do one myself. About a year ago I read Ruth Ridgeways blog post (cannot find the blog post, so link is just pointing to Ruth´s site) where she highlighted the life lessons she had learned during her 33 years.... Continue Reading →


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