When things do not unfold as you want them to

Let´s just say that last Magic Monday was less Magic and more Monday this time. The whole idea of my day off is for me to be more spontaneous and to not plan too much on my one day off, as opposed to my 9-5 work which is a lot about strategic planning and daily to do lists. Well, you cannot throw out the Planning Officer and imagine she will suddenly turn into a wildly spontaneous creature in just one day. Or a week.

So naturally I had it all planned out. How I would take a walk in the lovely weather (around -10 degrees Celsius) with the goal to sit at one of the cafés I haven´t yet visited. I could picture it all in my minds eye. How I would choose a table at the window, sip my hot chocolate and take out my journal to do one of the writing exercises that was part of week one in Susanna Conways Unravelling: Ways of seeing yourself  e-course. Then I would take some pictures of my bracelet and my necklace on the beautiful wooden table as part of one of the exercises of week two of Unravelling.

Nothing even remotely close to this happened. Nada. After a lot of hassle in the morning it was well around 2 pm before I had packed my bag with everything I needed. And this time I had even remembered to bring my camera with me.  Half way up the stairs at the park that is opposite where I live, I suddenly had difficulties breathing and a wave of nausea hit me. I felt so sick that I simply had to return home and go to bed waking up three hours later feeling really lousy, with all the classical symptoms of a flu.

So what is the lesson learned? Do.Not.Plan. I repeat, Do Not Plan On Your Magic Monday. Just go with the flow dear.

And since I want to have pictures on every blog post I write I will Adorn (This weeks theme on Unravelling) this post with Feet (from last weeks theme on Unravelling).

 OutWalking WhiteAndWhite GoodMorningSunshine

First Magic Monday

Intrigued and Inspired by Ruth Ridgeway from The Lifestyle Designers Club and Heather Grey from Soul-filled Life I decided to start blogging about the decision I made last year to take one day off from work during 2015. Truth to be told it was a decision I had been pondering on for three maybe even four years before I mustered up enough courage to tell my bosses about my wish. And since this is the year I will not only turn 50 (in exactly 26 days) but BE 50 most of the year, well that called for one hell of a celebration didn´t it? I do not want this year to just go by like any other year. No way!

So from this Monday onwards I will be spending My Magic Monday by doing only fun stuff. Going for walks if the weather is nice, sitting in cafes browsing through magazines or writing in one of my well (ehem) quite many journals or sneaking around in my hometown exploring whatever comes up. And because I decided to sign up for Susannah Conways Unravelling ways of seing myself e-course I will also be engaging myself in photography. Something I was quite keen on back in the old days but somehow has lost interest in. And hoping to get a grip on again.

So guess what I did on this first Magic Monday with its splendid sunny weather (-9 C), I left my camera at home of course and on purpose because I thought I wouldn´t need it…we met with my good friend and business partner Minna at a local café to work on our Dream Big course and there were so many opportunities to take pictures that I had to grit my teeth and decide I somehow have to reconstruct and come back and sit at the exact spot wishing for the light to be the same…However I want to have a picture with all blog posts so luckily my husband got me roses last week and luckily I took some pictures of them. Here is one 🙂