Dream Big or Die?

That is the question. Or is it? I have been dwelling ferociously over this question for the last two weeks. And why may you ask? Well, it happens to be the theme of the year for the business venture that we have together with my friend and colleague Minna. Something that just came up last... Continue Reading →


Once when I was…

Once when I was fifty we had a birthday dinner in the form of a potluck party where our friends brought steak and wine while my daughter made the salad and I only had to come up with the dessert. Love and laughter filled the table and it felt like old times when we threw... Continue Reading →

From Anger to Eagerness

No day is alike they say. And so it is. Many years back we were all taking the Myers-Briggs test at work to see if it would help in combining the right people when creating teams. For me this test has really been an eye opener. Actually it is not until recently that I have... Continue Reading →

Fifty is The New Shit…

...as my dear friend Maria so elegantly framed it on my pre-birthday dinner Saturday night. To be honest I have not been looking forward to this odd stage where the first number in my age is starting with a five. Celebrating it is one thing. Being it is a completely different story. My Magic Mondays... Continue Reading →

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