Carina goes Feng Shui

was a title I planned for a blog about simplifying my life. One of many blog ideas I have had through out the years. I am indeed a very thorough planner with an immense well of ideas. Too many most of the time. And they do take up too much space on many levels. But... Continue Reading →

I have a confession to make…

...and I am a bit hesitant to reveal it. Especially since I had such a lovely day today and the weather was just simply perfect. To be really honest I´m not necessarily that fond of Spring.  May with it´s budding flowers and green leaves is wonderful I admit. But during this time of the year... Continue Reading →

I´ve got Mail!

And I mean real solid mail delivered to you personally by the postman in the form of a small package! This day that has been full of sunshine and surprises was also very stressful so I am trying to keep the peaks close to my heart.  About a month ago I participated in Sue Ann... Continue Reading →

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