Edith, Astrid and Tove…and a little bit of Scarlett as well

Whom shall I choose first? They are all equally thick and alluring. And I got them as birthday presents. Edith was born first so in all fairness or no fairness at all she will be first out. Even if we read about all three at school and I devoured any book by Astrid Lindgren as... Continue Reading →


Teatime teatime rings the bell. Time to savor the day and gather together. Enjoy food. Enjoy family. Enjoy time together. Darkness outside candle light, twinkle and warmth inside. This is a 'poem' I wrote during the Luscious Legacy project last Autumn under the guidance of Sue Ann Gleason. I Cannot bring myself to call it... Continue Reading →

Magic and Meaning

Finally! I have been brewing over this like a pot of hot tea for long enough. Visualizing myself at a trendy yet cosy café writing on my novel on my fancy laptop. Today the stars must be aligned because here I am.  Using what is left of one of my gift cards and writing my... Continue Reading →

Challenge accepted!

Since it is Monday it´s quite appropriate for me to blog - however my Magic Monday will be tomorrow on a Tuesday and today I will focus on the challenge of writing a blog post everyday. I have signed up for WordPress own course "Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit" and it starts today with... Continue Reading →

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