Teatime teatime rings the bell. Time to savor the day and gather together. Enjoy food. Enjoy family. Enjoy time together. Darkness outside candle light, twinkle and warmth inside. This is a 'poem' I wrote during the Luscious Legacy project last Autumn under the guidance of Sue Ann Gleason. I Cannot bring myself to call it... Continue Reading →

Magic and Meaning

Finally! I have been brewing over this like a pot of hot tea for long enough. Visualizing myself at a trendy yet cosy café writing on my novel on my fancy laptop. Today the stars must be aligned because here I am.  Using what is left of one of my gift cards and writing my... Continue Reading →

Challenge accepted!

Since it is Monday it´s quite appropriate for me to blog - however my Magic Monday will be tomorrow on a Tuesday and today I will focus on the challenge of writing a blog post everyday. I have signed up for WordPress own course "Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit" and it starts today with... Continue Reading →

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