Challenge accepted!

Since it is Monday it´s quite appropriate for me to blog – however my Magic Monday will be tomorrow on a Tuesday and today I will focus on the challenge of writing a blog post everyday. I have signed up for WordPress own course “Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit” and it starts today with an enticing writing prompt called “Unlock the Mind”. The idea is that you get a writing prompt everyday starting today and ending May 1st. Phew! What have I got myself into!!

So this first blog post is about free writing for twenty minutes and no thinking. This is the kind of exercise I actually love to do. In my creative writing course we always start each session with about 10 minutes of free writing. But the stuff I write is definitely not worth publishing. So right now I am cheating… I could of course scribble with a pen and paper but I feel lazy and will instead keep my fingers locked to the keyboard.

OK, one of the cats wants to go out so hang on for a minute, I´ll be right back. So where was I. Free writing. Now I got really stuck and my beautiful stream of consciousness got cut off. The cat actually did not want to go out so I could have let him ramble on just like I´m rambling on here at the computer. So I am going to cheat big time. I think I have been writing for no more than three minutes and I will end here. Since there are no rules and this is my blog I can do whatever I want. Right?

OK, cat´s rambling on some more and I just have to check on him. Back again for the second time. He did not want to go out and I don´t blame him. The sun is shining and it seems to be a splendid weather but it´s quite chilly out on our balcony. It´s the kind of weather that people tell you that you have to go out and enjoy which means that I probably will stay inside today. As soon as I can smell even the slightest hint of a “I have to or You should” I retreat and don´t even change from my PJ:s into decent clothes. And besides I have a gorgeous view from my window! And no I will not try and photograph it, our windows haven´t been cleaned for ages and quite frankly I have been trying to take picture from this window before and the view look much more flat than in real life. The cheating doesn´t go very well. I think I am into my fifth or seventh minute already. And now I´ve  got company, the same company that did not want to go out. Maybe he just wanted to be with me! And somehow had to lure the other cat away.

I´ll end with a picture of some hanging nobs  – I have absolutely no idea of how you properly call these things – it´s for hanging your clothes and they can be seen on the wall on the second floor of this lovely cafe called Tiirikkala



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