Magic and Meaning

Finally! I have been brewing over this like a pot of hot tea for long enough. Visualizing myself at a trendy yet cosy café writing on my novel on my fancy laptop. Today the stars must be aligned because here I am.  Using what is left of one of my gift cards and writing my Magic Monday blog post on an ipad that I borrowed from work. You create magic out of meaning and make meaning out of what you have.

The tea is colour-coordinated with the ipad 🙂

There have been Mondays completely devoid of any magic or any meaning whatsoever. Or so it felt. And that is why I have been reflecting on the importance of creating magic even when it seems impossible and then to afterwords look for the hidden meaning. To put undue stress on the poor Monday to be the sole bearer of magic seems a bit unfair, so from now on my Magic Mondays will be magical and meaningful just because they are Mondays. Just as we human beings have intrinsic value just by being humans.

Slowly I have started to accept that I am a bit like a mad rabbit jumping around chasing the next new excitement and that it´s fine to be like this. Yes it is exhausting and I might not necessarily find what I am looking for as I am not entirely sure what that even is. But my enthusiasm and optimism is what’s keeping me alive. Even if it means joining writing challenges like Writing101 and only complete one blog post out of 21. Even if it means joining various Facebook communities where you take pictures and journal and take part in discussions and share something every day for a month or once a week and you slowly start to think you are loosing it. Because let’s face it a day has only so many hours and the older you get the more important it feels to use these hours wisely.

That is why it might be necessary for the mad rabbit to slow down a bit and start to listen more before she starts chasing that next alluring carrot aka writing challenge, online course, blogger, Facebook community. Just not yet 🙂

Still a little left No more left


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  1. I am just cheering my dear girl…or should I say white rabbit :-)! Just cheering! “You create magic out of meaning and make meaning out of what you have.” I think this is very true, at least for me! Acceptance, the real beginnings of self-love….still cheering! 🙂


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