Teatime teatime
rings the bell.
Time to savor the day
and gather together.
Enjoy food.
Enjoy family.
Enjoy time together.
Darkness outside
candle light, twinkle and warmth inside.

This is a ‘poem’ I wrote during the Luscious Legacy project last Autumn under the guidance of Sue Ann Gleason. I Cannot bring myself to call it a real poem since that´s the form of writing I struggle the most with. As as a child one of my fondest memories is from those Sunday evenings when we had tea. Tea meant black Earl Grey tea with milk and or sugar and with warm sandwiches straight from the oven. This was in the late seventies and Mum had found a new recipe where you combined bananas with ham and melted cheese on top. Ahh, I can still smell and taste those yummy warm sandwiches and the different flavors melting in the mouth.

Family heirloom
My Mum´s recipe journals from 1974!

What makes this memory so special is that teatime was sometimes accompanied by Dad taking out the film projector and we would watch the films from last summer. Still films with no voice. Of all childhood memories this particular one I miss the most. Feeling completely happy. I wrote a short passage reminiscing on this as a testimonial for the LLP that you can read here.



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