Follow the pink…

…and the pink will follow you. You know when you are pregnant and all you see is mum´s with big belly’s. That´s how it is for me except that I´m not pregnant :-). Pink is showing up or is it that it has been there all the time but it´s only now that I pay attention to it? As a girl I was never much into the princess stuff, rather preferred to play CEO or a detective chasing the bad boys (not real ones but imaginary crooks). But for some time now pink has spoken to me very loud and clear. It actually started before Christmas when I found a pink agenda I just knew I had to have, like an addicted fool craving his er her last cigarette or drink. Slowly I have noticed that there have been dabblers of pink around me already. My Moleskine notebooks, my white and pink striped Esprit journals, my different shades of pink colored folders on my book shelves, Pink Ribbon pens and even a couple of pink cook books! And of course the yummy chocolate I got from Sue Ann. The operator I have recently switched to also uses pink as their main color as opposed to the old blue operator I have now abandoned in favor of pink.

I´m certain there is a hidden (or not so hidden) meaning behind why different colors talk to us. Some love grey, and find it soothing while others get depressed and almost angry by it. Some may paint a whole wall pink while others prefer to use pink to spice up life in small doses. There was a time in my life when I only bought green stuff, and no I do not mean veggies. Green t-shirts, green scarves and green journals filled up my space. Only afterwords did I recognize that green is associated with the heart Chakra and that it also stands for renewal, balance and harmony. All of which were completely missing in my life at that time.

So why pink? And why now? A color associated with girlishness but also a very nurturing and gentle color. While I chose Dream Big as my word(s) for the year it is quite clear that what I actually crave is more nurturing in my life. To take care of and nurture myself,  something I have not been doing for a long time. My Magic Mondays are one way of doing just that.

PinkScooter ACouple of Pinks YummyCake
Pink scooter, bien sûr!                 A threesome of pinks                    Yummy First of May cake