A Pile of Books

Or rather piles of books are scattered all over the apartment. And when I go somewhere even for a short period of time I have to bring as much books as possible to create a pile, albeit a small one. Piles are beautiful and also offer variation when reading. The horror of starting a book, the only one, and realizing it is bad, boring or both. That is something to be avoided at all cost. Piles of books also look nice as part of the interior in the same way as lamps, figurines or stones collected from a beach in a far away country.  One of my inspirations on the interweb is Susannah Conway – blogger, photographer and a fantastic creator of online courses with warm and fun communities. Susannah has a community project called The August Break with words as prompts for inspiring us to take pictures every day throughout August.  The word for today is Reading and thus I decided that my Magic Monday blog post will be about reading and books.

This summer I have actually done less reading than in previous ones but instead of devouring the content in rapid pace I have been perhaps slightly more mindful. Summer of 2013 my pile of books showed a great variety but only one book has stuck with me even if I read quite a few good ones. The heroine of that book was a fifty year old psychologist who founds out that she has Alzheimer and then begin to prepare for her own death. Fun and scary at the same time.

The summer of 2104 had a much lower pile and perhaps my quest for mindfulness begun then and there because I read all them very thoroughly. One was a book about Kundalini yoga and I actually did every single movement with accompanying mantras in the book!

There is a book by Noelle Oxenhandler called “The Wishing Year” that I bought many moons ago and finally last autumn decided I will read this year, starting with one chapter in January, the next in February and so on. This because the chapters follow the months and I thought it would be more fun to read it this way instead of falling into the pit of gluttony once again. The sad fact is that I read books like fast food so this was a way to avoid that. This also means I look forward to every month because I have to know if Noelle will get her wishes and what happens then.

Apart from reading at least one or two books on Feng Shui every summer I am having a new world opening up to me. And that is Palestine before and after 1948 through a poetic and heart-wrenching story written by Palestine Author Susan Albuhawa called “The Blue Between Sky And Water”. Nothing is ever black and white in the world except in interior decoration.

Pile of 2013 Pile of 2014 Threesome

Summer of 2013 pile was big, summer of 2014 pile was more modest & summer of 2015 pile looks very slim

Reading Skyandwater

Relaxing with Feng Shui & having my world expand with Albuhawa

Friends Stilleben in Pink

Perfect piles as part of the interior!


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