Monday musings

Yesterday a chiropractor had his way with me for the first time in my life. Ouch! But the pain in my hip is gone. Today for the first time ever, I had a pleasurable non-invasive facial. Ahh, blissful heaven. Laguuni day spa is indeed a small heaven on earth. A spa I have wanted to go to for years and now finally thanks to the gift card my dear friends gave me on my birthday, I had the opportunity to enjoy a facial like no other I have tried before. Lots of oils, gentle massages of my face, neck, fingers and some less gentle ones of arms and legs.  Absolutely no squeezing of pimples! And at the end of the session I was offered a cup of spicy tea with a bit of honey. On my way out I almost forgot my jacket. Not the first time it happens to customers the receptionist informed me.

So now I am in total bliss. Thanks to the chiropractor my hip does not hurt anymore, darn do I sound like an old lady…and my head does not feel like a heavy square box. The idea was to use my other gift card and then go to Café Art to have a nice cup of green tea and a sandwich. Well, fat chance. The queue almost went out on the street and it was only fifteen past 4 pm for Moses sake! This is not the first time it happens to me so a fair warning to those of you who want to enjoy great coffee at around 4-5 pm, choose another coffee shop! The next café had gone back to being closed on Mondays, but third times a charm so I went to a coffee shop nearby and indulged in both a croissant and a chocolate mint cake. Not a bad choice at all. But I forgot to take a picture of the cake, it went down that fast.

Self care is both the new craze and at the same time a symptom that we in the western world have gone some what astray. Both too much me and too little we. And vice versa. For many years now I have neglected myself and my health in many ways and what I might have been forgiven in my thirties is no longer an option. During this weekend at the big exhibition “Osaava nainen” here in Turku where I shared a stand with my business partner Minna and Laura and Karri from lvngroom I got so many golden nuggets from different people that I think it´s time to move from careless to self care. If this years theme was Dream Big, next year will be about health and nurturing body and soul. In a way I think this video sums it all up!

On my way home I strolled through on of the big malls in Turku and found this advertisement showing how absolutely genius the Finnish language is. ‘Lokakuu’ means October and ‘Lukukuu’ is a playful way of showing that October is the month to indulge in reading as the word ‘luku’ means both chapter, count and reading amongst a lot of other meanings.

Day spa Lukukuu
Day spa gift                                                The playfulness of Lukukuu vs Lokakuu
Autumn bliss  Tranquility
Beautiful Autumn in Turku!          Serene tranquility – best de-stressers ever!


















When the only thing left is a pair of dirty Converse

What do you do? Throw them in the washing machine? I tried that but could not notice any difference. In all honesty the Converse sneakers were not the only thing left when our daughter moved out to create a life on her own in the big city. But this is how it felt in my heart when I came back home after having helped her move. It was in the middle of the night and her Dad was with our friends at our summer cottage and I had no shoulder to cry on. If I felt this much sorrow in a quite normal and ordinary situation how excruciatingly horrible must it not be to have to say goodbye to your family not knowing if you will ever see them again?

Now two adults and two cats in the household is the new normal and I have wild dreams about how I will transform the daughters old room into a walk in closet, a sanctuary, a library, a meditation room, a boudoir or then none of these. I want her to feel welcome whenever she visits us so the room has gone from sort of empty to storage room for our old kitchen table and chairs. Ehem, not very welcoming when I come to think about it.

This is the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. Most of the sorrow work was done last summer and the transition into this life of twosomeness (I know, it is probably not a real word) has gone better than I anticipated. My husband still refuses to go into his daughters room while I shamelessly use her old mirror (best mirror in the house) when I choose clothes in the morning. Instead I feel that our conversations on the phone are more meaningful and longer than the previous “what’s for dinner” ones that usually ended quite abruptly.

But worry never leaves us. Indeed I worry less for my daughter, I know she can take care of herself, instead it’s my Mum that occupies my thoughts. She is one feisty woman but also very fragile. The good thing is that we talk much more often on the phone and I feel so grateful that we have an uncomplicated relationship with each other. Much the same as with my own daughter. Grateful for being a Mum, grateful for having a Mum.

My Magic Monday was changed into a Fabulous Friday so I chose to be writing my first blog post in a long time in one of my favorite cafés, Tiirikkala. There I enjoyed what was left of one of the gift cards that I got from my fantastic colleagues from work as a birthday gift.  They sure know what I enjoy  – sitting in cafés and books 🙂 even if I did not read any books this time, but merely was indulging in mud cakes and hot chocolate!

Tiirikkala Tiirikkala-round2
Enjoying the first part of the gift card  Enjoying the second part this Friday
back in August
Up in the second floor of Tiirikkala
RefugeesWelcome TreatySeries
On my way to work… I passed these two ‘signs’