A piece of cake

is how we express it when things just move on effortlessly as if we had no part in the action at all. Well, this year has been far from a piece of cake. Probably no year is but some seem more filled with ups and downs than others, at least in retrospect. And I am not going into all the violence and disruption that goes on in the world in general but only peeking at my own little world. Ranging from death, severe illnesses, accidents, financial struggles, teenage daughter moving out to getting new friends, learning and stretching out of all possible comfort zones, being hope to people in despair and thriving in wonderful online communities with fantastic women from almost all over the world.

When it hit me some weeks ago that my Magic Mondays will soon be over, I decided that in one way or another I will continue to infuse magic into my Mondays and that I will continue blogging. My Monday Musings will still be a part of my online journey and I just have to be more inventive with how I do it, going back to working full-time in January 2016.

There is only two magic Mondays left and one of my favorite activities through out the year has been to go and sit at a café eating cake, drinking tea and do some blogging as well. This Monday I decided instead to go to the Market Hall and by a piece of cake to take with me home. Not to make anyone jealous or anything but I am munching on a very delicious Lingonberry tart right at this very moment, made by the award winning Mbakery
A Peice of Cake   Lingonberry tart

The beautiful box and the still untouched cake


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