Old endings and new beginnings

In the blogosphere where I like to hang out, people are doing their end year reviews. Looking back at the ups and the downs, obstacles, lessons learned, mishaps as well as miracles showing up when least expected. When I started this blog in January 2015 I already thought how fun it would be to one year later look back at all those magic moments I was sure that would have happened in my life during this year. Today however, when I am celebrating the last official Magic Monday I don´t feel very inclined to look back. It might be that there will be reflections sneaking their way in through the back door but my main objective is not to do a year review.

This is what I had mapped out for this last official Magic Monday:

  • get up early to take a shower and have breakfast
  • then take a brisk walk to the Fontana café where I would place myself comfortably in that big sofa that I have had my eyes on for so long
  • here I would brainstorm the contents for the online course that we have been planning on offering with my biz partner Minna
  • after a couple of hours I would go to visit the Doll´ s houses exhibition that I have been curious about, a must on my list
  • after having enjoyed the exhibition I would head to café Art to use up what ever still remains of my gift card, write an enthusiastic blog post on the inspiring doll´s houses  and dribble down some other fantastic insights

Wanna know how it went?

  • woke up late, slogged on the sofa for quite some time. Then dragged and forced myself to the shower. And since it was so frickin´ cold outside I had to wait quit some time for my hair to dry before I could go out.
  • finally got my brisk walk, got into a very crowded museum and spent some very disappointed and uninspired moments looking at old Victorian doll´s houses and some new ones as well. The only thing that lit me up was when I saw an old black and white picture from the golden days in Hanko, early 1930 beach life.
  • then I walked back to the other side of the river to go to café Art but could not even get inside because it was so crowded.
  • after that I tried my luck at café Fontana where not only my sofa was occupied but the whole cafe was completely over crowded. What´s wrong with people? Can´t you stay at home on a Monday for once?!
  • after almost giving up and going straight back home I remembered café Elvina, a place where they serve Brita´s cake, a cake you never get anywhere but usually have to bake yourself.

Christmas Cake Elvina
No, not Brita´s cake but Christmas cake and at Elvina´s but it looks almost as home
Dolls Houses Hanko in the thirties
Nice looking wall-paper and Hanko beach life in the thirties

So now I have been munching on one Christmas star, one big piece of really yummy Brita´s cake and drooling over luxury apartments in various interior design magazines. And yes they do have a sofa at Elvinas as well :-). Wonder what´s the fuss about the sofas? Well my bum has been complaining lately about uncomfortable chairs and since I don´t want to bring my own cushions with me, at least not yet, I go for the sofas whenever I have the opportunity to do so.

What all this means is that I have to make a rerun, I have to cheat and consider next Monday a Magic Monday as well even if it is just a regular holiday. Just you wait, sofa at Fontana, I will capture you, claim you as mine and brainstorm the heck out of you!

Last year I participated in the lovely Susannah Conways “Find your word” facebook group. To be honest I had decided on my word for 2015 before I joined the group. But I loved the exercises Susannah provided us with and the wonderful and warm feeling in the group. And the fact that I also found my new friend Dawne in the group.  The word that I had chosen for 2015 was DREAM BIG. A word in accordance with the calendar theme that Minna and I had created for the Tea salon. But at some point the word(s) almost felt more like a burden than a motivator. Indeed I had big dreams but it felt so frustrating when so few of them were coming to fruition. Thus at some point I let go of dreaming big, not all together, but at least for this year. And should I decide to do that end year review I might get some insights that would prove me wrong… prove that I have indeed been dreaming big and that the outcome might just show up a bit later…

For 2016 I had already set my eyes on the word DELIGHT. Like in Turkish delight and how can you find delight in every day life. But the word that has chosen me is RELEASE. And yes, it did chose me, not the other way around. Ahh, DELIGHT felt so perfect and joyful until RELEASE decided to gently but firmly tell me that actually there will be no delight until I RELEASE. Release my anxieties, my pressure, my stuff (both inner and outer). And guess what, while delight felt nice and cosy release feels just right and I cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring into my life.

Next up I will release 2015 by digging into Susannahs Unravelling the Year Ahead 2016 workbook! 

ArsNovaArs Nova Art Museum



2 thoughts on “Old endings and new beginnings

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  1. Goodness did you mention me in there!!!! I am so touched! ❤ I am glad you've decided not to quit your blog, good on you! Much love to you in buckets! Also congrats on your WORD- I can feel it's a good one. Maybe DELIGHT can be your secret word, like LUSCIOUS was for me! That Christmas cake cannot surely beat my Christmas creole rum cake!!! haha 🙂


  2. Of course I mentioned you! You are part of the magic even if we technically met in 2014 🙂
    And you are a genius – of course DELIGHT will be my secret word! ❤ And I bow myself in front of your Christmas creole rum cake, it must be heaven. This one we just picked up randomly from the internet and then baked on Christmas eve – a tradition we have with my daughter ❤ Let´s hope you and I will meet next year!


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