Monday musings – baby it’s cold out there

It almost feel like I have been in a coma, or hibernating all last year and now everything is just pouring out of me. The creative juices are flowing at an almost scary pace. One of the reasons why I chose to have my Mondays off last year was for me to dig a bit deeper into the possibilities of my side business. I wanted time to figure out different offerings, create ways of getting more income to add, and possibly even to exceed what I was losing from my salary by only working four days a week. Figure out what I would like to do with the Tea Salon with my biz partner Minna and what I might be able to do on my own. Close to nothing of this happened and it felt frustrated and a tad disappointing as well. One glimpse of hope was when I jumped on the train and went to Hanko to take part in Creative Hanko Collectives creative work day in November. That day in the studio set the foundation for what is now taking form.

After a very busy and even quite stressful Autumn when I had zero interest during my Magic Mondays to do any creative work in my business, something happened during the Christmas holidays. I sat down and started brainstorming, picking up from where I left at the creative work day in Hanko, and adding flavors of deepening into the idea stream, very much thanks to Laura Hollick´s Nu Icon Ritual and Iconice Essence Guidance as well as Karen Knowler´s High Vibrational Woman process. And no, I haven´t taken part in any of the paid programs, only the launching part but I got tons and tons of value out of the calls, the videos and the different guided visualizations from both of these generous souls.

Today I had planned to do one more plunge for the famous sofa and had my alarm clock to wake me up at 7.30. The combination of the state of my bank account and Mr Celsius quickly convinced me that our old sofa will be just as good for the purpose of creative work. So now I have been enjoying a big glass of Jasmine green tea and various sorts of left over chocolates while listening to the first module of Tara Marino´s Sensual Entrepreneur. My first real business program that I have ever invested in! Looking out at the beautiful sky and the thin layer of snow that is covering up the roofs of the neighboring house. I will definitely reflect more on this program on my up coming Monday musings. For now I just do the exercises and write in my journal.

I am still rabbiting around but as I have immersed my word for 2016 I also choose to release any internal judgment against my own shortcomings. Gosh do RELEASE feel good! I filter everything through it and it has already helped me in so many ways. So what if I have done only a fraction of my plans for the holidays, there will be weekends instead. Tomorrow is another day as one of my all time favorite heroines Scarlett O´Hara said 🙂

The Archibishop Serving

I have been a bit hesitant about sharing this in public because there are so many others who have made so much more than me regarding the refugee work. I was really taken by surprise and honored as well and felt like I went there for Nana, Linda, Yasmin and all the rest of the refugee group at Åbo Akademi university.

It must not come as a surprise who I have as my screensaver.


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