Monday Musings – Do not burn the candle in both ends

was one of the solid advice my Dad gave me a long time ago when he could clearly see that his youngest daughter was not able to handle everything she had crammed on her plate. He did not preach or give me instructions or a five step plan. No pointing fingers. Just an opportunity to pick up the learning from his advice by myself without his interference. Which I eventually did some decades later.

I honestly think we human beings need to do the journey or else we will never learn. Admittedly some need more like a punch in the face a couple of times while other get the message by gentler nudges.  I am not going to bore you with tedious details of my near burn-outs.  Others have written about theirs in a much more vivid and interesting fashion that I could ever amount to. Actually I do not really think I have been burnt-out in the real sense of the word but boy have I been close. Let´s just say that letting go of the evil twins definitely had something to do with me slowly getting the real full body message of my Dad´s advice. You might also wonder who the evil twins are. Well easy tiger, I still have 49 life lessons to share so I will reveal more about the twins in a later blog post 🙂

And let´s just say that me not writing any blog posts for the last three weeks and me sitting in a crowded coffee shop sipping green Jasmine tea munching on a fabulous chocolate mud cake while writing on my iPad might have something to do with life lesson number 2.
And instead of burning the candle in both ends,  I take sofa time and just watch the candle on our coffee table, then enjoying the meditative state I inadvertently will sink into after a while while my husband watches TV 🙂

Cute benches
I pass these cute benches almost everyday on my way to work, staring at them trying to figure out which one is my favorite – there are about five of them – all unique.


And the mud cake. I know it probably does not look very tempting but don´t let it´s modest exterior fool you. It truly tastes like a little piece of heaven.


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