Monday Musings Life Lessons #7: Stop Brewing, start Chewing

Has nothing to do with coffee or chewing gum but everything to do with me being very good at brewing, thinking, pondering and analyzing. But when it comes to deciding and executing I tend to procrastinate and prefer a solid plan rather than acting on sheer impulse. Which makes life both slightly boring and also agonizing since the planning and pondering phase might drag on for years.

In my last blog post I mentioned my not so secret urge to create a website of my own. To create my very own online hub. Something that has been brewing for far too many years. Hence the need to start chewing, or in other words, get my hands dirty and just start making the darn website.

During the most part of my holiday I have been agonizing on the decision whether to choose WordPress or Squarespace. Reading article after article to figure out the wisest choice for me. Sometimes feeling almost certain that, yes WordPress is the best choice and then after reading yet another praise or comparison or when stumbling upon an exquisite looking website, choosing Squarespace for the umpteenth time.

Picture: The yard at café Qwensel

I know, this all sounds silly, but whatever you want to do in life, small or big it all comes down to making a decision. Whether it is about moving to another country or choosing what to make for dinner. Then after that first crucial decision, a whole range of decisions will have to be done. And that is actually where the agony lies. In knowing that after that first decision you will be confronted with a myriad of more decisions. Yes, I did decide to create my own website, yes I did then decide to use Squarespace as a platform. But after that? What kind of layout do I need? Fonts? Pictures? Overall style? Categories? The naming of the categories? Now that I have told about it publicly, what if it looks like any other website out there? What if it looks horrible? And on and on and on. You get the drift?

On the other hand, I do know that when I finally will sign up (btw Squarespace is an online tool not a downloadable software) and start creating, the rest of the work will unfold. Somehow. At least as long as I can keep The Evil Twins at bay.

As there are most certainly more important things in life to do than trying to figure out what kind of platform you want to use for your website, I will roll up my sleeves tomorrow. Today is far to warm and sunny for doing anything else than sipping Margaritas under a palm tree (aka sunbath on the deck eating strawberries). So off I go!










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