Monday Musings: Life Lessons #9: Make Space

… and the rest of the 42 life lessons that I was supposed to write about once a week after I had turned 51. Well, in a couple of weeks I will be 53 and most of my life lesson ideas are hiding out in a Google document. So instead of torturing myself and dragging this out I will do a completion. And yes, completions are definitely big life lessons in themselves. Deciding that there are things you will never complete can sometimes be just the completion you need. A sigh of relief and you can move on.  Completions are strongly tied to decisions and might need some kind of a ritual in order to feel real and solid. You can try and wriggle yourself out of this but without decisions you are getting nowhere. So I here by declare and decide that with this blog post my life lesson experiment will end. As a compromise I will list out those hidden ideas but not go much further into them.

For any one out there in the blogosphere you have probably stumbled upon this idea of choosing a word, or a theme for your year. In 2016 I chose RELEASE or actually I think it chose me because I originally wanted DELIGHT until I realized that without releasing I will not get delight. When 2016 turned into 2017 I could not figure out, not a single word, not a theme nor a sentence that would feel like a guidance for me. But when 2018 was approaching once again a word or rather a guiding sentence just seemingly out of the blue (or then not, considering my last blog post) presented itself for me; MAKE SPACE. Make space as in more physical space and thus less clutter (Mari Kondo meets Feng Shui!). Make space as in making space for more spontaneity and fun and things I really really like to do. Like having a cup of coffee or tea at that coffee shop that I walk by every morning but never stop to go inside because I need to hurry to work.

If you are curious about this whole choosing a word thing, one of my favourite bloggers and creators, Susannah Conway, have this handy little e-course called Find Your Word for 2018!.

And while I am on it, if you wanna go really deep, the Susannahs Unravel Your year 2018! workbook is yours to download. Can I let you in on a secret? I actually hesitated about posting these links. Not because I do not love everything Susannah does, hey you can even read my enthusiastic review about her on her website (insert a little blush here), but for her lovely community. She offers photo and writing prompts a couple of times a year taking place in Facebook groups and they have been my sacred sanctuary for some years now. I kind of like the idea that no one knows me there. And I shamelessly enjoy the fact that I have been the only Finn until this December, when a lovely girl from Tampere joined the December Reflections. In these groups I have met new friends like dear Dawne from Trinidad who lives in Sweden with her husband (Hey Dawne <3) and Marion, a Finnish-American living i Florida with roots in Naantali. But then again it is unfair of me to keep Susannah and all these lovely people to myself so here you go!

Now on to the rest of my 42 life lessons! In no particular order here they come:

Life Lesson #10 “Money Matters”
Money is such an interesting topic that I could start a whole blog solely focusing on it´s different aspects. Meanwhile you might want to listen to this podcast instead:

Life Lesson #11 “The Pimples of Life”
About how our flaws are what makes us interesting, not the perfect shiny surface that we make such an effort to cultivate.

Life Lesson #12 “Wanting vs Needing”
I did have some brilliant ides about this but sadly I do not remember them anymore.

Life Lesson #13 “The Trickiness of Authenticity”
This one was a rant about how everyone and their mother is touting out the importance of authenticity. It is not the authenticity itself I oppose but the lecturing about it. Hence the word “trickiness” in the title.

Life Lesson #14 “Drop Your Expectations But Keep Up Your Hope”
Probably when I was at a really low point about life in general.

Life Lesson #15 “Just Start Dammit”
Ouch! I should take my own medicine! And Tiffany Han rules (podcast alert!):

Life Lesson #16 “Jealousy as a Compass in Life”
Ahh, a juicy one. Jealousy shows you the gems, but you need to start digging.

Life Lesson #17 “The Importance of Feeling Safe Before Sharing Vulnerable Things”
Another great inspiring podcast:

Life Lesson #18 Being Brave and Harnessing your Desire vs the Fear”
You get the drift? I looove podcasts, here´s another one:

Life Lesson #19 “To Heaven and B(l)ack”
This one is about when I went to the Licorice Festival in Helsinki. I love the title but got only half way through with the actual writing and then thought it sort of sucked.

Life Lesson #20 ” Curiosity over Criticism”
So sick of judgments that people throw on each other like dirt. And the title I think I almost stole from somewhere but do not remember anymore.

Life Lesson #21 “When Things go South”
Yes, they tend to do. But it is all about the attitude baby.

Life Lesson #22 “My Success and Yours”
I have absolutely no idea what I thought about here?

Life Lesson #23 “To Bujo or Not to Bujo”
This one will probably be a blog post in the future and it is all about planning 😀

Life Lesson #24 “Completions”
Yeah Baby! Completions is what it is all about!

And that´s it my friends! This is what I have come up with during two years. 31 Life Lessons, not 51. So what is the life lesson learned here? Do not be hard on yourself for screwing up, we all do. Make an assessment of where you are and then decide to complete, in one way or another. You do not have to read all the books you have on your book shelves or your nights stands or on your floor. And no, you do not have to complete reading all the books. You can leave them half way through. I am officially lousy at this and need to work on it. And no, you do not have to write 51 blog posts around a certain theme. You can stop and course correct if your original idea fails you.

If you still want to read 50 Life Lessons, then check these out: (thanks for the link Stefan!)


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