Monday Musings: Life Lessons #9: Make Space

... and the rest of the 42 life lessons that I was supposed to write about once a week after I had turned 51. Well, in a couple of weeks I will be 53 and most of my life lesson ideas are hiding out in a Google document. So instead of torturing myself and dragging... Continue Reading →

Old endings and new beginnings

In the blogosphere where I like to hang out, people are doing their end year reviews. Looking back at the ups and the downs, obstacles, lessons learned, mishaps as well as miracles showing up when least expected. When I started this blog in January 2015 I already thought how fun it would be to one... Continue Reading →

A piece of cake

is how we express it when things just move on effortlessly as if we had no part in the action at all. Well, this year has been far from a piece of cake. Probably no year is but some seem more filled with ups and downs than others, at least in retrospect. And I am... Continue Reading →

Micro moments of magic

is when you are enjoying a yummy profiterole with Tuareng green tea at a cosy café in your old home town and suddenly are hearing Cesária Évora being played as background music. All the anxiety and anger in your body and soul just melts away like last season´s snow. Perfect micro moment of magic. Cesária... Continue Reading →

Monday musings

Yesterday a chiropractor had his way with me for the first time in my life. Ouch! But the pain in my hip is gone. Today for the first time ever, I had a pleasurable non-invasive facial. Ahh, blissful heaven. Laguuni day spa is indeed a small heaven on earth. A spa I have wanted to... Continue Reading →

A Pile of Books

Or rather piles of books are scattered all over the apartment. And when I go somewhere even for a short period of time I have to bring as much books as possible to create a pile, albeit a small one. Piles are beautiful and also offer variation when reading. The horror of starting a book,... Continue Reading →

Feeling Blue

This has been an odd summer. Not necessarily because of the changing weather creating feelings of being shown a dangling candy (could be a carrot if you prefer that) only for it to be snatched away right in front of your eyes just when you try to grab it. But mostly because my Mum is... Continue Reading →

Follow the pink…

...and the pink will follow you. You know when you are pregnant and all you see is mum´s with big belly's. That´s how it is for me except that I´m not pregnant :-). Pink is showing up or is it that it has been there all the time but it´s only now that I pay... Continue Reading →

False Expectations or?

Once is OK, twice is a habit so now I have to catch up. I´ve fallen behind with my writing due to lack of inspiration and too much going on in my head. But what is the best remedy for an occupied head? Journaling and writing of course! There are certainly a lot of other... Continue Reading →

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