Follow the pink…

...and the pink will follow you. You know when you are pregnant and all you see is mum´s with big belly's. That´s how it is for me except that I´m not pregnant :-). Pink is showing up or is it that it has been there all the time but it´s only now that I pay... Continue Reading →


False Expectations or?

Once is OK, twice is a habit so now I have to catch up. I´ve fallen behind with my writing due to lack of inspiration and too much going on in my head. But what is the best remedy for an occupied head? Journaling and writing of course! There are certainly a lot of other... Continue Reading →

In Sickness and in Health

Is what you promised your partner in front of the altar standing there feeling all excited for the new life your are creating together. But how about promising the same for yourself? I have been thinking that I might not have been that good of a spouse to myself lately. Last week I was down... Continue Reading →


Teatime teatime rings the bell. Time to savor the day and gather together. Enjoy food. Enjoy family. Enjoy time together. Darkness outside candle light, twinkle and warmth inside. This is a 'poem' I wrote during the Luscious Legacy project last Autumn under the guidance of Sue Ann Gleason. I Cannot bring myself to call it... Continue Reading →

Magic and Meaning

Finally! I have been brewing over this like a pot of hot tea for long enough. Visualizing myself at a trendy yet cosy café writing on my novel on my fancy laptop. Today the stars must be aligned because here I am.  Using what is left of one of my gift cards and writing my... Continue Reading →

Challenge accepted!

Since it is Monday it´s quite appropriate for me to blog - however my Magic Monday will be tomorrow on a Tuesday and today I will focus on the challenge of writing a blog post everyday. I have signed up for WordPress own course "Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit" and it starts today with... Continue Reading →

Carina goes Feng Shui

was a title I planned for a blog about simplifying my life. One of many blog ideas I have had through out the years. I am indeed a very thorough planner with an immense well of ideas. Too many most of the time. And they do take up too much space on many levels. But... Continue Reading →

I have a confession to make…

...and I am a bit hesitant to reveal it. Especially since I had such a lovely day today and the weather was just simply perfect. To be really honest I´m not necessarily that fond of Spring.  May with it´s budding flowers and green leaves is wonderful I admit. But during this time of the year... Continue Reading →

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